The Other Side

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones will present four new paintings in ‘The Other Side’ that are explorations of his relationships with his wife and his daughter. A few years ago, Trevor had a major stroke, which irreparably paralyzed his right side. His life changed hugely as a consequence. He has found a means of continuing, through much practice and adaptation to his physical constraints, and now paints slowly, small scale with his left hand (he was previously right handed).

Stretching over 40 years, Trevor Jones’ practice as a painter has constantly pushed him into the exploration of ideas and media. In more recent years he developed his expertise in printmaking techniques using silk-screen and wood blocks; these processes inform his painting, and vice versa.

Trevor Jones has exhibited widely throughout the UK and abroad, including solo exhibitions at the ICA, Flowers East in London, John Moores Exhibition in Liverpool, British Painting at the Hayward Gallery, Glass Mountain Gallery and Flowers West in Connecticut, USA, and a British Council traveling exhibition to Canada. Trevor’s work is in numerous public and private collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Unilever, Scottish National Gallery of Art and Contemporary Arts Society.

Trevor Jones studied at the Royal College of Art from 1965-68, and has taught Painting and Fine Art throughout his career at various Universities, including Slade School of Art, Royal College of Art and St Martin’s School of Art. He was a leading figure in the Painting Department of Camberwell School of Art for over 25 years.

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