The Other Side

Liz Arnold

'Some of the paintings I'm doing now are really empty, and some of them are very full up. They still look like illustrations but I've cleared out a lot of the detail. I've done this painting I love, of my cat as a woman, sitting on a park bench in this really lovely pencil skirt and these nice shoes, surrounded by all these phallic mushrooms... I suppose the work looks weirdly ironic, but it's not like that to me. There's a lot of emotional pain in there. They're about bleeding all over the floor and not being able to keep it together at all or some of them are. They're not about sex and death but they are about feeling crap, or feeling great . . . I think the pictures are about real life, except they're fantasies: they're little parallel worlds that reflect stuff that happens in this world.'

30 June 1964 Perth - London 24 April 2001

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