The Other Side

Erika Winstone

My work is concerned with the mediation of spontaneity. I use video as a screen to capture the everyday and explore performance in relation to process. I draw while repeatedly viewing video, layering action and dialogue. Titles, naming the source material, and embedded in early layers of the painting, become exposed in parts by the drawing of this same footage. I work with time, and a sense of human presence and absence. This in turn has led to a deepening interest in correspondences, synchronicity and relationships.

In ‘The Other Side’, I present a new installation combining a series of drawn paintings and video. The paintings involve a process of combining drawing from pairs of films. The sources include personal footage I have taken of my daughter Anna in performance with her friend April, and Heath Ledger and Christian Bale’s performances in ‘The Dark Knight’, so creating a synergy of my present day hopes and fears. Within the installation are two new video works, combining appropriated footage of my father Eric Winstone, performing and composing, with film of my daughter Anna performing her own composition aged 7; in the second work she is dancing with her friend April, then 12. This footage was subsequently relocated and re-filmed in my bedroom, so creating a series of imaginary meetings in my home that could never happen in real time.